Installation Procedure Edit

  1. Download A3EAI from the A3EAI GitHub Page, using the "Download ZIP" button on the right side of the page
  2. Locate and extract
  3. Open the extracted folder and open the Installation Package folder. Copy the contents of this folder all at once (Addons, A3EAI_config.sqf, A3EAI_custom_defs)
  4. Navigate to your server's Arma 3 folder and open the @EpochHive folder.
    1. Important: A3EAI requires the Epoch server folder be named @EpochHive (case-insensitive), which it should be named by default.
  5. Paste the contents copied from Step 3 directly into this directory. When prompted to merge the "Addons" folder, click Yes.
    • Note: No Epoch files are being replaced or modified. This step merges the two Addon folders.
  6. (Optional) Configure A3EAI settings by editing A3EAI_config.sqf.
  7. Start your server.
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